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Get your 200 Ton Masters License

With your oupv and this 16 hr class you can get a 200 ton mates endorsement. You will need the required sea service on a vessel 67 tons or greater. This opens opportunities to work on larger vessel and make better wages.

So where does the 200 ton Master comes in?

The National Maritime Center Exam Deck Guide states: Raise of Grade: IAW 46 CFR 11.903(c)(3), Applicants Raising Grade from Mate Less than 200 GRT to Master Less than 200 GRT on the same route may do so without further examination.

In other words once you have the sea service time, you request the upgrade to the 200 ton master. To go from Mate to Masters you will need to have operated under your OUPV for one year.


If you take the course and have the sea service for the tonnage and operated under your existing license for one year, you simply request it when submitting your application the NMC.


Course cost includes one sitting of the exam.


Call us for more information 920-733-5500

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