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OUPV Captains License -
Inland, Great Lakes or Near Coastal Routes

$745 All supplies, books, and testing included

The USCG-Approved OUPV 6 Pack Captains License lets you take 6 passengers for-hire, plus crew, on your vessel. The course was designed for Captains working and boating on federal waters with passengers for hire on a power-driven boat. This includes duck hunters, tours, fishing and similar activities.



OUPV Upgrade to 100 Ton Masters Captains License
Inland, Great Lakes, or Near Coastal Routes


Time to upgrade your OUPV license to 100 Ton Masters License? Explorers Guide can help you do it.  Your sea service determines both the route and tonnage for your license. The routes include Inland, Great Lakes, and Near Coastal.

The tonnage of the vessel you can operate also depends on size of the vessel you served on. Tonnage ratings include 25, 50, or 100-ton Master captains license. 


Fishing Speedboat

Assistance Towing
Captains License Endorsement 


This assistance towing endorsement is added to your captains license. The Assistance Towing Endorsement is for boat Captains who would like to be tow vessel for a fee. Captains are required by the USCG to hold an Assistance Towing Endorsement on their credential to be able to assist vessels that have run aground, are disabled, or have run out of fuel.



First Aid/CPR/AED

$70 (Online)

CPR/First Aid is required to obtain a Mariner Credential.  We offer online CPR/First Aid/AED certifications for $70 with USCG Course Code on the certificate.  (Testing is required on site).  Once registered, you will be emailed an access code and instructions for the online course.  This is available ONLY to Chicagoland area students and students registered in our Merchant Mariner Classes, as testing is required in person.  This course is Non-refundable, access codes are single use codes. 

marine radio.jpg

Marine Radio Operators Permit (MROP)


You need a commercial radio operator license to operate the following:

  • Ship radio stations if:

  • the vessel carries more than six passengers for hire; or

  • the radio operates on medium frequencies (MF) or high frequencies (HF); or

  • the ship sails to foreign ports; or

  • the ship station transmits radiotelegraphy; or

  • the ship is larger than 300 gross tons and is required by law to carry a radio station for safety purposes.

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